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fedorahosted.org retirementSummary

fedorahosted.org was retired on March 1st, 2017. If you are viewing this page, odds are it's after that date and you have been redirected here by attempting to go to some project on fedorahosted.org. If you are a user of a project formerly hosted at fedorahosted.org, please search for the new home the project you are interested in likely has. If you are a maintainer of a project formerly hosted at fedorahosted.org and need your data to migrate, see below.


fedorahosted.org was set up in late 2007 as a location to host svn, git, hg, and bzr projects. The trac wiki and issue tracker was used for issues and project planning. Groups for each project were managed in the Fedora Account System, and via a wrapper, scp/sftp uploads of releases was supported. Many of the projects there were closely related to Fedora, but not all of them. For many years fedorahosted thrived.

With the rise of github and the pull request workflow most new projects moved to other locations. In early 2015, pagure.io came into being. It was a from the ground up implementation of the new git/PR workflow and also hosted by and maintained by Fedora Infrastructure. In early 2016 it became clear that Fedora Infrastructure didn't have resources to keep maintaining both fedorahosted.org and pagure.io and so the announcement was мейд to retire fedorahosted. Maintainers have had over the last year to migrate their projects to pagure.io or whatever other place they wish.

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If you are looking for another site to migrate to, there's all of these out there:






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